DiscoverOrg Achieves Record Revenue Growth in First Half of 2014

Vancouver, Wash. (PRWEB) July 17, 2014

DiscoverOrg, a three-time Inc. 500 company and provider of IT sales leads intelligence used by top technology vendors and staffing firms, announced today that it achieved record revenue growth in the first half of this year. At the end of the first six months of 2014, revenue was 62 percent higher than at the end of the same period last year.

Our strong performance reflects rapidly growing demand for our IT sales and marketing intelligence, which helps drive sales efficiency and effectiveness, said Henry Schuck, co-founder and CEO of DiscoverOrg. The first half of this year brought innovations and improvements, on which were continuing to build.

As of June 30, 2014, DiscoverOrg served more than 1,200 customers, up 54 percent from 781 customers a year earlier.

To support this growth, DiscoverOrg has continued to expand its workforce, which increased by 54 percent, from 101 to 156 employees, from June 2013 to June 2014. Among team members added to fill newly created positions this year are seasoned executive Andrew Steckley, chief technology officer, and former analyst, Jonathan Chin, manager of Salesforce support and professional services.

DiscoverOrg remained in the forefront of IT sales leads intelligence quality in the first half of this year, providing direct-dial numbers for an industry-leading 96 percent of the contacts in its database.

DiscoverOrg offers personalized free samples. The company also continued to provide about 1,000 Real Time Triggers per week in January through June.

DiscoverOrg offers personalized free samples. Use this link to see a sample IT Organizational Chart.

Citing specific milestones in the first half of 2014, Schuck noted that DiscoverOrg:

Launched Marketo Webhooks for DiscoverOrg, a powerful tool that offers IT companies actionable real-time data on customers and prospects while shortening sales cycles.
Earned G2 Crowds No. 1 customer satisfaction rating for its sales intelligence solution and was recognized by G2 Crowd for its market share and product quality.
Won a Bronze Stevie Award for Sales & Customer Service.
Was recognized in a report by B2B research and advisory firm SiriusDecisions for making the depth and quality of its data its primary development focus. The firm also wrote that DiscoverOrg provides organizations focused on selling in IT markets with an easier way to acquire information about buyers and their specific needs.

Much more lies ahead, according to Schuck. We just completed integration with NetSuite, Schuck said, and we are planning a series of enhancements to our sales and marketing intelligence solution that will make it even more useful. In the next few months, look for us to expand our data on European contacts, add information on marketing contacts and enrich our application.

Discover why so many companies are benefiting from DiscoverOrg. Request a demo.

About DiscoverOrg

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B2B Lead Generation Company in US

Minecor provides business lead generation outsourcing services and business intelligence for high-tech, information technology and bio-tech/pharmaceutical co…
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Three new steps to engage in client attraction

Three new steps to engage in client attraction
As you can see, client attraction activities today mean there's going to be some overlap between sales and marketing. This is especially the case in large organizations, where marketing has often taken over pre-qualification activities. And that's okay.
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Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas: Beat the Nevada heat and visit the water park
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Teamphoria Breaks Into International Human Resources Market Through Partnership with Australian-Based Corporate Edge

Charleston, SC (PRWEB) July 22, 2014

SPARC, currently ranked by Inc. 500 as the #1 fastest-growing software company in the United States, announces their entrance to the international market by inking partnership with Corporate Edge, a leading human resources consultancy in Australia. Corporate Edge is now offering Teamphoria, SPARCs employee engagement and culture management software, as part of their client engagements. SPARC is also selling Teamphoria through a distributor in Great Britain, and directly to Canadian companies.

Teamphoria has helped hundreds of companies in the United States evolve and measure their corporate cultures, and were excited to be bringing the software platform to the rest of the world, said Eric Bowman, CEO of SPARC. Our partnership with Corporate Edge will help us bring our passion for technology-enabled engagement to the Australian market.

One of the benefits of the partnership is the mix of SPARCs software expertise combined with the Corporate Edges expertise around culture and professional development. This instills confidence in our clients. They know we can deliver an evolving, tailored, and well-supported implementation inline with their larger vision and strategy, explained Dominic van der Merwe, Director of Digital Product Development.

Australian organizations using Teamphoria will have the unique advantage of working with a local company that is passionate about evolving culture through behavior change combined with a software platform thats available on a global scale. Through the trusted long-term relationships Corporate Edge has always built with their clients, they are able to recommend solutions that they believe will shape and align an organizations culture.

Corporate Edge is the perfect Australian-based partner for Teamphoria. Our organizations visions, missions, and values align so its going to create a really amazing experience for our clients, explained Andrew Strickland, Teamphoria Product Owner. In addition to the software and consulting services, SPARC and Corporate Edge will be working together to provide additional professional development resources to benefit both US and Australian markets.

To learn more about our culture-driven software or international partners, visit

About Teamphoria

Teamphoria is employee engagement software that builds and measures an engaged workforce and healthy company culture. Its the first software platform to provide real-time engagement and allow organizations to improve culture organization-wide. Features focus on improving recognition, communication, and performance to help companies be more successful through employee engagement. Learn more and uplift your workforce at


SPARC is a software product development company creating engaging, forward-thinking technology while keeping Team Members at the core of everything we do. With offices in Charleston, South Carolina and Washington, D.C., SPARC provides software development services for the government and commercial sectors, and develops commercial software products for the executive leadership, human resources, big data analytics, and mobile markets. In 2013, SPARC was ranked by Inc. 500 as the 14th fastest-growing private company in the U.S. Come by for a tour and see SPARCs award-winning culture for yourself, or learn more at

About Corporate Edge:

Corporate Edge is a Strategy Ownership organization, which means we partner with companies to support leaders to align Culture (Behavior) with their chosen Strategy. Our specific expertise is in the area of creating behavioral change through challenging the current thinking patterns of individuals. We use a holistic approach that focuses on the whole person, not just the person at work. We provide logical, simple to use models and tools to allow our clients to readily change the way they communicate, collaborate and lead, as well as manage and grow the business.

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How to Generate Leads | Learn How to Generate Leads With Facebook How to Generate Leads | Learn How to Generate Leads With Facebook CLICK THE LINK ABOVE TO LEARN HOW TO …
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What Affiliate Marketers Need to Know About the Demise of the Cookie

What Affiliate Marketers Need to Know About the Demise of the Cookie
Cookies, those little text files websites place on user's browsers to track their online behavior, are quickly losing their gold standard as reliable, dependable and simple means by which marketers can better target their advertising. This, for the …
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​Simply Supplements appoints Affiliate Window to oversee online advertising
Boasting 70 000 publishers on their network, Simply Supplements are expanding their online presence and engaging with new audiences through leveraging Affiliate Window's market-leading technology and further developing their affiliate programme.
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Freelancer launches Warrior Payments
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5th Annual Southwest Colorado Women’s Small Business Conference

5th Annual Southwest Colorado Women’s Small Business Conference
Event on 2014-07-24 07:30:00

Join us for the 5th Annual Southwest Colorado Women's Small Business Conference in Durango on Thursday, July 24, 2014! The day will consist of training breakout sessions, keynote speakers, free business consulting, exhibitor resources, networking and much more. For event details, visit

at Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, United States

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Bedros Keuilian Reveals Why Fit Body Boot Camp May Be One of the Best Fitness Franchises for Start Up Entrepreneurs And That Now Is The Best Time to Be A Part of It.

Chino Hills, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2014

Fit Body Boot Camp is the fast-selling fitness business in the country, with several hundred locations around the world and now, more than ever is the best time to get a piece of the pie. One of the reasons for its explosive growth is that its known as one of the best fitness franchises for entrepreneurs who have limited capital and limited experience with running and marketing a fitness boot camp.

Founder Bedros Keuilian, who is also a fitness marketing expert and business coach, says that the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise was set up with personal trainers, not venture capitalists, in mind. He explains that this focus on individual trainers of limited means comes from his own background as a personal trainer.

Fifteen years ago, I was training clients one-on-one and struggling to pay the bills and still have some time with my family, he explains. It wasnt until I turned to the boot camp model that I started making real money and though I now run several businesses other than Fit Body Boot Camp, it was a real financial struggle to get started.

Because of his experience as a struggling personal trainer, Keuilian designed the FBBC franchise model to be accessible and affordable for anyone.

We have a very low buy-in cost, he explains. Its less than ten-percent of what a lot of other brands charge, despite the fact that we have such a well-known brand.

That low buy-in is one of the main reasons FBBC is considered one of the best fitness franchises for entrepreneurs on tight budgets.

Most fitness franchises charge a percentage of gross revenue every month, Keuilian explains. Usually, that percentage is around 6-8%. I just dont think thats fair to the people that are working so hard to build their businesses. We charge a flat, set fee thats the same no matter how much the franchisee brings in. That makes it easier for the business owner to budget and its a lot less expensive as they grow.

Keuilian says that the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise package also includes plug-and-play marketing and sales programs and a great deal of support from the company. One of the big reasons were considered one of the best fitness franchises is that we actually do a lot of the boot camp marketing for our franchisees; like providing them with websites, marketing and email campaigns and a lot of sales coaching, he says.

This is huge for new boot camp owners, because most of them have no idea where to start. How are they supposed to build their businesses as quickly as they need to if they dont know how to market and sell their services? Thats one of the biggest reasons new small businesses fail; they run out of money before they get good enough at marketing to succeed.

We really appreciate that we get such great respect from the fitness community and were always looking for ways to get even better and add more value to our franchisees, but I think weve definitely earned our reputation.

About Keuilian Inc.

Keuilian Inc. (est. 2007) was founded by fitness marketing and business consultant Bedros Keuilian, who has been named the hidden genius behind several of the biggest names in the fitness industry. In addition, he is also the founder of the popular fitness marketing blog,, and founder and CEO of the indoor fitness boot camp franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp.

To find out more about Bedros Keuilian and his fitness boot camp franchise, please visit and

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PreApps Revamps Site to Give Maximized Exposure to Thousands of New Apps

Boston, MA (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

PreApps is excited to announce the launch of its new and overhauled platform featuring eye-catching design, amazing graphics and a simple yet stylized interface. With this new platform, developers have the opportunity to enjoy five times more market exposure than what was provided with the original website. They can also enjoy complimentary unlimited beta testing and user downloads for one whole year.

The new PreApps platform significantly improves the experience of app users as well. They now have access to a highly customized and tailored website which recommends apps based on their tastes, and provides them with exclusive access to the very best apps before they become available to the general public.

We have worked hard to build an extensive ecosystem of app users and developers that improves the experience of the user, and also helps developers gain recognition for their work and stand out in an extremely competitive marketplace. With the introduction of this new app platform, were able to offer an outstanding experience for everyone involved in our community, said Sean Casto, Founder and CEO of PreApps. Were constantly looking for ways to improve what has become recognized as the very best app preview site, which is why were so excited to unveil all thats available with our 2.0 platform.

With 1,150 mobile apps served, 30 million client downloads and partners such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung, is now the leading platform for introducing new mobile apps to the market prior to general release.

In addition to the improved offerings available with the 2.0 platform, app developers gain viral marketing opportunities and continuous exposure through the use of PreApps.

On the other hand, PreApps Gamification System allows users to earn points for providing valuable feedback to developers. The points can then be redeemed for prizes, including Amazon gift cards.

Ultimately, what its all about is providing the highest possible level of value to our users, developers and partners. That has always been, and will always remain our top priority, said Casto.


PreApps is the premier destination to discover exclusive new iOS, Android and Windows apps prior to release. With PreApps, app developers can test and market their apps before release, improving their pre-launch exposure. In addition, by being contributing members and providing feedback, app users are rewarded for their engagement. Implementing user feedback into the development process leads to a greater chance of success for apps and a more enjoyable experience for users.

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Five things you can learn from Airbnb's rebrand

Five things you can learn from Airbnb's rebrand
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Tri-C teaches students how to rock into music industry: offering 2-year degree
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Tips for effective e-mail marketing
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) filter emails before it even reaches a consumer's inbox. Triggering a 2nd opt-in email to confirm their subscription … In email marketing, aesthetics is just as important as content. Email Marketing is both an art …

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