Illinois Lawyers Fight Bankruptcy and Foreclosure With Education

Joliet, Illinois (PRWEB) August 26, 2014

Bankruptcy and foreclosure are two very sensitive subjects that often bring about feelings of shame, devastation, confusion, and frustration. No one understands that better than the team of bankruptcy and foreclosure attorneys at BillFreedom Law. With years of experience easing the fears and uncertainty of people going through financial difficulty, they recently launched a new website to provide resources and information to help Illinois residents get out of desperate financial situations with the most positive outcomes possible.

As skilled bankruptcy and foreclosure attorneys in Illinois, the BillFreedom Law team knows that most people are not familiar with the technical aspects of foreclosure and bankruptcy law. For that reason, they focused on creating a website that provides clear, helpful information for people who are new to these challenging situations. Written without using legal jargon, the content is presented in an easy-to-understand format that helps to limit confusion and uncertainty. Visitors to the website get full access to a library of articles, news, blog posts, videos, and responses to frequently asked questions.

The website encompasses two main practices of law related to financial difficulty: bankruptcy and foreclosure defense. Visitors to the site will find that many of their most pressing questions are addressed up front. Some of the types of questions the website answers include:

Major differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy
What to do when you receive a foreclosure notice in the mail
Whether bankruptcy will stop wage garnishments
Which debts are erased by bankruptcy

If you are looking for a first-rate foreclosure and bankruptcy law office in Illinois, look no furtherthe BillFreedom Law team has offices conveniently located in Joliet and throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. The lawyers are experienced in working closely with clients to find the best possible resolutions to their specific cases. Each persons situation is unique and is treated as such by the lawyers. Unlike many law firms, BillFreedom Law takes an educational approach to fighting unfair foreclosures and defending clients. In the midst of a bankruptcy or foreclosure, the lawyers at BillFreedom Law work hard to provide clients with as much information as possible so that they feel comfortable with the process.

With the launch of the new BillFreedom Law website, residents of Cook County and the surrounding communities will have access to a wealth of information on issues related to bankruptcy and foreclosure. The website will be regularly updated with helpful videos, articles, and frequently asked questions tailored specifically to help clients understand what they can expect as they go through the bankruptcy or foreclosure process. Foster Web Marketing, a premier marketing and website design firm, developed the site.

About Foster Web Marketing:

Founded in 1998, Foster Web Marketing (FWM) offers attorneys, physicians, and other professionals across North America and overseas an effective online marketing approach that combines appealing and intuitive design with the latest search engine optimization, comprehensive marketing services, and content management strategies. FWM has proven that it is possible to build a Made in the USA business with excellent customer service in a very competitive market, all while helping its clients succeed through powerful websites and proven education-based marketing techniques using its proprietary secret weapon, Dynamic Self-Syndication (DSSTM). To learn more, please visit

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Ethane Web Technologies Launches a New Web Design Service

New Delhi, India (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

Ethane Web Technologies, an ISO 9001:2008 certified internet marketing firm, has recently launched a new service named HTML web design.

The HTML web design service is a research based service. Before tailoring the service, Ethane Web Technologies did extensive research about the service being provided by other companies. The company has done its best efforts to make sure that the service must be impeccable and able to deliver outstanding results to clients. The company uses all state of the art techniques and tools to design HTML website for its clients. As per the reports, the company would not provide the same service to everyone. Instead, it would customize the service as per the requirements of clients.

On being asked about the service, a senior web developer of the company said, Providing the best solutions to our clientele at most affordable prices is our commitment. We feel proud to say that we have not failed to do so yet, and we are sure we will not fail this time also, as our service is the results of an extensive research and we have priced the service as low as we could afford.

About Ethane Web Technologies:

Ethane Web Technologies was established by Lalit Sharma, an enthusiastic young from a middle class Indian family, in 2008. Lalit Sharma established this company with a mission to provide unbeatable internet marketing services to the world at most reasonable prices. Today, his company is counted amongst one of the most reliable companies in the world.

Ethane Web Technologies provides a complete range of internet marketing services. Social media optimization, search engine optimization, online reputation management, web designing and web development are just name to a few. The company has designed all services after doing a comprehensive study about the market and service.

Ethane Web Technologies has an expert team of internet marketing professionals. The team professionals are very much sincere and dedicated. They do their level best to provide committed results to their clients as soon as possible.

To know more about HTML web design service, visit companys official website or make a direct call at 1 (888) 523-2188.

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- Advice for Recommenders: How to Write an Effective Letter of Recommendation for Applicants to the MBA Program

– Advice for Recommenders: How to Write an Effective Letter of Recommendation for Applicants to the MBA Program

from Graduate School of Business

View Details about

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- Module 9: Integrated Marketing Communication

– Module 9: Integrated Marketing Communication

from Principles of Marketing – MKTG 3200

View Details about

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Web Marketing “all’americana”… applicato in Italia!

Fare web marketing “all’americana”, in Italia, funziona oppure no? A questa interessante domanda risponderà Enrico Madrigrano (Madri Internet Marketing) in q…

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Opinions divided on St. Cloud impact of state's 66% tourism budget bump

Opinions divided on St. Cloud impact of state's 66% tourism budget bump
The first summer since the Legislature gave Minnesota's tourism marketing efforts a 66 percent budget bump is going into the books this weekend, and Explore Minnesota Tourism says it was a good one. The agency this week issued the results of an end-of …
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Aegerion Resolves FDAs Warning on Juxtapid, Lifts Overhang
Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AEGR – Analyst Report) announced that the Office of Prescription Drug Promotion (OPDP) of the FDA has issued a closeout letter with regard to its investigation of the company's marketing and sales of Juxtapid in the U.S …

Boost for Oregon City Main Street promotion
Jessica Gago, with recent experience in producing the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival, this month joined the staff of the Main Street Oregon City nonprofit organization as promotions and marketing coordinator. Photo Credit: FILE PHOTO – Jessica …
Read more on Portland Tribune

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Business Model You® Workshop and MasterClass led by Dr. Timothy Clark: Amsterdam 7-8 November 2014

Business Model You® Workshop and MasterClass led by Dr. Timothy Clark: Amsterdam 7-8 November 2014
Event on 2014-11-07 09:30:00

Reinvent Work  

Business Model You® Workshop
and Master Class

— Essential Training for Enterprising Professionals —
A full-day workshop on reinventing your career

Workshop: Friday, November 7 (Amsterdam Zilveren Toren)
Master Class: Saturday, November 8 (Amsterdam Zilveren Toren)
Both events 9:30 AM till 5:30 PM

If you want to get more out of your life and career, you’re not alone. More and more people today want greater meaning, value and personal enjoyment in their daily lives. This workshop is designed to help you achieve that, and more. 

Have you read the global bestseller Business Model You: A One Page Method for Reinventing Your Career? It describes a “personal business model” methodology that reveals insightful ways you can identify evolving market needs and uncover fresh, more fulfilling career and life possibilities.

If you enjoyed the book (and even if you’ve yet to read it) you’ll love our live workshop, where you’ll quickly learn the Business Model You® methodology with direct guidance from its creator, Dr. Timothy Clark.

Two important questions

Like most people, you probably work for an enterprise, either as a manager, employee; contractor or vendor. If so, ask yourself these two key questions 1) How does the enterprise make money? 2) How do you make money?
These questions are not just for businesspeople. Every enterprise — whether nonprofit, for-profit, government, or social venture – must generate cash to carry out its work. And every enterprise has its own business model. What exactly is that? A business model shows how an enterprise creates and delivers something valuable to customers — and is paid for doing so. As a professional, understanding business models is vital.

What that means to you

You have a personal business model. It’s how you create and deliver something valuable to an enterprise — and are paid for doing so. If you can bring your personal business model to work and add value to the enterprise, you can achieve great success and make the changes you desire.

Whether you want to advance in your current role, change jobs, or start your own venture, you must know 1) how enterprises make money, and 2) how you make money — or can make money (perhaps in entirely new ways). Learn to answer both questions, step-by-step, in this essential training for enterprising professionals.

This immersive workshop is for you if:

  • Your career has hit an impasse or glass ceiling and you’re keen to reinvigorate the sense of possibility and growth you previously enjoyed
  • Your team members have trouble seeing the “big picture” behind projects
  • You’re considering going freelance or starting your own venture
  • You need a fresh approach to managing enterprise talent

If you or your clients face challenges like these, you’ll get a jump start by mastering this proven approach to business modeling. Here are just a few of the things you’ll accomplish:

  • Articulate the personal value you provide and identify new prospective customers
  • Generate severa new career possibilities in a single day
  • Determine whether you should start your own venture or not
  • Learn a fresh approach and new skills in talent management Grab your spot now.


What You’ll Learn
You will master the basics of Business Model You®, a powerful career redesign method you can use for the rest of your life. Specifically, you will:

  • Grasp business model thinking and draw a diagram of your personal business model
  • Define the purpose and value of your work
  • Create a new personal business model harmonized with that purpose 
  • Understand Business Model You® as a talent management method

 Our work together will include pair and group exercises, case studies, interactive presentations, structured feedback sessions, and group-generated Q&A with Dr. Clark.


Who Should Attend

  • Mid-career professionals seeking to redesign how they work
  • Managers striving to align individual employee actions with team goals  
  • Professional advisors planning to use the Business Model You® methodology to help clients or colleagues

Don’t miss this rare opportunity
In just one day of training, you’ll learn how to apply a tailored, personal business method that will drive your success for years to come. Join tens of thousands of other enterprising professionals worldwide who have enjoyed the career-changing benefits of Business Model You®. Join us!
Sign up today. Space is limited.

Reinvent Work  

Business Model You® Workshop

November 7, 2014  Program Overview


1. Set today´s goal: Which of the Three Questions Must you Ask Yourself Now?
2.  Guided Tour of the Personal Business Model Canvas 

3.  Draw Your As-Is Personal Business Model


1.  Trusted Other Listening Laboratory (TOLL1): Identify Pain Points

2.  Personal Business Model Revision Case
3.  Think Out Loud Laboratory (group TOLL2): Create New Possibilities For Your Model
4.  Colleague Buzz/Q&A: Ask the Author

 — Coffee Break —

1.  Know Your Purpose: Case and Exercise 

2.  Purpose-Full Cocktail Party
3.  Morning Summary/Group Picture/Table Change  

— Lunch —


1.  Reinvention Cases
2.  Exercise: (re)Design Your Value Proposition Using PINT
3.  Think Out Loud Laboratory (group TOLL3 ): Redesigned Value 
4.  Colleague Buzz/Q&A: Ask the Author

— Coffee Break —


1.  Guided Tour of the Enterprise Business Model Canvas 

2.  Team Exercise: Diagram a Familiar Enterprise Model
3.  Harmonizing Personal and Enterprise Models
4.  Re-Ask Yourself The Three Questions, Define Next Steps 

5.  Summary and Evaluation

Social Hour/Networking

Seating is limited. Fee includes:

• Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
• Participant Guide
• Two oversized Personal Business Model Canvas posters

• Copy of Business Model You
Note to leaders and professional advisors: Participation in the Business Model You® Workshop is required for participation in the Business Model You® Master Class.


Reinvent Work  

Business Model You® Master Class

 November 8, 2014  Program Overview

The Business Model You® Master Class builds upon experiential learning from the Business Model You® workshop. Now that you can think and feel in Personal Business Model terms, you'll learn how to implement the methodology within your own professional practice.

For one full day, a select group of 24 participants will study and practice techniques for teaching and facilitating using the Business Model You® methodology. Working closely and directly with the method's originator, you'll practice and learn the following:

The Four-Phase Approach: Applications for one-on-one and group engagements

  • Correct Canvas technique: Avoiding common mistakes
  • Personal Business Model debriefing competencies
  • Simple Rules for harmonizing individual and enterprise models
  • Workshop and training design

Our work together will include a blend of interactive presentations, pair and group exercises, case studies, structured feedback sessions, and group-generated Q&A with the author.

Enrollment Prerequisites
All applicants for the Master Class must have completed a Business Model You® Workshop. Enrollees will be informed as to specific preparations upon acceptance in the class.


Who Should Attend

  • Professional advisors, coaches, counselors, consultants and others who want to use the Business Model You® methodology in their own professional practices
  • Team leaders, entrepreneurs, or managers striving to align individual actions with enterprise aims or otherwise proactively manage talent in a fresh way


What You'll Learn
Participants will learn the Business Model You® approach to enterprise and career modeling. Specifically, you will:

  • Learn how to design both one-on-one and group engagements using the Four-Phase Draw > Reflect > Revise > Act approach
  • Master correct Canvas technique
  • Learn Simple Rules for aligning individual action with enterprise aims
  • Study cases and practice Personal Business Model debriefing and facilitation techniques
  • Discover how to integrate the Business Model You® methodology with your own professional practice


Master Class Agenda

  • Set Your Goal: How Will You Use the Methodology? 
  • The Four-Phase Approach to Designing Engagements
  • Facilitator Guide Overview
  • Simple Rules Canvas Technique Practicum
  • Colleague Buzz/Q&A

— Coffee Break —

  • Trusted Other Listening Laboratory (TOLL) Overview
  • Coaching Practicum 1: TOLL Pair and Share
  • Coaching Practicum 1: TOLL 4 x 4
  • Case Study/Poster Session: Simple Rules for Aligning Individual, Enterprise Models
  • Morning Recap, Group Photo

— Lunch —

  • Create Your Professional Identity in Seven Words
  • Coaching Practicum 2: Think Out Loud Laboratory (TOLL)
  • Building Block Poster Session (groups)
  • Training Design Practicum in Groups (overview)

— Coffee Break —

  • Training Design Practicum in Groups
  • Presentation of Training Designs
  • Summary and Evaluation
  • Presentation of Certificates of Completion

Please contact organizer Mercedes Hoss-Weis (mercedes (at) with questions.


About the Venue 

Conveniently located less than a five minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station, Zilveren Toren offers a spectacular city panorama and striking interior design by Swiss artist Heinz Julen. Enjoy the culinary delights and stunning views from Level Eleven, where Master Class participants will lunch.



Download a free, full-color 79-page book sample at

You can also learn more about BMY by watching this short video.

Learner Praise for Business Model You®

“I loved the ability to actually rehearse and say what I am
and simplify my message and clarify the whole model for myself with the help of others."

Francisco Baptista


“The thing that is really life-changing is that I now think really entrepreneurially.
So I have a totally different mindset compared to how I thought in the past.
And I think I will progress that going forward
and I definitely know that this will help in my future career."

Rolf Crisovan

“As an MBA candidate, I’d gleaned bits and pieces of career insight
from multiple personality and aptitude tests,
but was looking for something more holistic. Fortunately I met Michael Lang,
who introduced me to Business Model You during lunch at the Innovation Games Summit.
After returning home, I bought the book and used the methodology.
I was amazed at my ability to visualize my future career
with the Personal Business Model Canvas.
I happened to be applying for jobs, so the timing was perfect.
I recommend Business Model You to all professionals,
whether they’re satisfied with their current jobs or not.”

Sarvesh Singh, Former Europe Delivery Manager for Astellas Pharma

“An amazing workshop. I’ve renewed my passion.”

Matteo Fusco, Italy

“Business Model You is the ultimate self-coaching book,
but to ensure follow-through,
I recommend a workshop with the author. The results are remarkable.”

Kaori Okubo, Tokyo

“Thank you for writing Business Model You, it changed my life. 
I was a sad chemical engineer, now I'm a happy consultant!"

Gustavo Marques Couto, Brazil

“I love Business Model You because it gives clarity, focus, and direction–all on one page,
with a proven, step-by-step method based on the building blocks of business itself.
It’s simple, fast, and effective.
The visual aspect is fun and engaging. 
And, yes–it works!”

Bryan Lubic, Professional Development Advisor, San Diego State University

“Your Business Model You work is amazing and can be life changing
for people applying it. I know from experience.”

Annette Mason, U.S.

“This is an incredible book. It has changed my own life as well as those of my clients.”

Mary Anne Shew, Small Business Consultant, Rochester, New York


Read what enthusiastic participants said about the Munich Master Class

Cancellation terms: If you cancel up to one month before the event, 50% of your workshop fee will be refunded. After that date we cannot refund workshop fees for any reason, but at any time you may designate someone else to attend the class in your place.

Program content is subject to change at the facilitator's sole discretion.
Program may be canceled if enrollment is insufficient and tickets price will be refunded 100%. Business Model You, LLC can not be held responsible for travel reservation losses or inconvenience resulting from cancellation due to insufficient enrollment.

at Regardz Zilveren Toren Amsterdam
51 Stationsplein
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Empower Network Review of David Wood and David Sharpes New Affiliate Marketing Program Revealed

Houston, TX (PRWEB) November 27, 2012

Created by two former homeless guys turned millionaires, David Sharpe and David Wood,The Empower Network is an affiliate marketing program that makes it easy for any affiliate to make sales on the Internet of any product including Empower Network itself. Due to the high rewards and the professional training that the program created by these top internet and MLM marketers offers Internet and multi-level marketers, direct sales, and other business owners are flocking to join it. An Empower Network review shows how this program not only provides marketers the training and tools that they need to make money with the program and also in their own businesses but also offers them a 100% commission on all their sales.

David Sharpe and David Wood have created an automated sales funnel that they are constantly perfecting and have used their training, expertise, and knowledge and transferred it to this new program. Affiliates of the Empower Network get access to a highly optimized blogging platform that brings in traffic and converts visitors to sales for $ 25 a month. Affiliates can promote their own programs or other products and can blog about anything they want which also makes it ideal for MLM and Internet marketers.

Internet Marketer and super affiliate John Barry of states, “I have promoted hundreds of products in lot of different niches but nothing has gotten me as excited as the Empower Network opportunity. With just the blog one is given, one can make thousands with it, but the opportunity to promote quality products that practically sell themselves is even better. Nothing is better than making a residual, recurring income with high priced backend products. The cool thing is that people of all experience levels are making money with it too.”

An additional $ 100 a month gets members access to the Empower Network Inner Circle Training that includes access to weekly calls including archives from top earners in MLM, direct sales, internet marketing, and more. Affiliates can purchase and promote even higher level trainings. The Empower Network Costa Rica Intensive for $ 500 offers 11 in-depth video lessons about how 7 figure earners are marketing their businesses both online and offline. In a bonus lesson, David Wood shows how to use all the previous lessons and use them in their own business.

With lessons from top marketers that teach different skills one can plug into their business to earn at least $ 1,000 a day in their program quickly, the Empower Network training is the 15k Formula that costs $ 1000. There is also a $ 3500 Costa Rica Masters Retreat program, that affiliates are able to sell and receive $ 3000 as commissions.

Only those who purchase a program are able to promote it, so as they upgrade to the other levels, they not only get access to the additional training but also able to get commissions on those programs. With a unique commission structure that allows the affiliate to make money off of the people they refer, Empower is a great fit for both those with no internet experience and those with advanced marketing skills. The affiliate keeps the 1st, 3rd and 5th commissions and the 2nd, 4th and 6th go to the referrer. Thereafter, every 5th commission goes to the referrer. This is great for a passive, residual income as the more people an affiliate refers in, higher are the pass up commissions that they can get.

To help more people get started and making more money with Empower Network faster, John Barry of has created a unique Empower Network Bonus package that can be found on his website. Click The link above to learn more.

For those who are ready to join or who want more information should go sign up here at the official website.

Those would like to contact someone directly can email realjohnbarry (at) gmail(dot)com or call 1-877-524-2556.

To see the official Empower earnings disclaimer one can go here.

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Small Business Marketing Ideas and Strategy from ByReputation’s New Small Business Promotion Service

Houston, TX (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

With the use of organic search engine optimization, local search directories, and content marketing, ByReputation is putting forth a new small business marketing service to help small businesses obtain more clients. To get a free small business marketing consult from an expert, please click on the link below:

Get a Free Small Business Marketing Consult

To increase a small business ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, search engine optimization gauges the patterns from past site statistics to find keywords and phrases with the highest conversion rates. The search engine specialist will then adjust the page factors on the site which have the highest part in the search algorithm. Once adjusted, a continuous off page optimization campaign will begin using only white hat and penguin safe techniques.

Local search directories such as Yahoo Local, Yelp, Yellowbook, and Superpages, which receive over 100 million hits a month, are search engines relied heavily upon by customers today to find a small business in their area. ByReputation concentrates on the top 30 local directories making sure each of the small business listing is enhanced over all other services to reach out to more businesses.

Then there is content marketing which is centralized around the use of blogs to publish up-to-date articles about the small business two to three times a week. Consistent blogging about small business procedures raises the Google freshness score for the domain name which then allows the small business to show up higher in the rankings.

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Palo Alto Software Partners with Americas SBDCs to Sponsor First Nationwide Business Pitch Competition

Eugene, Ore. (PRWEB) August 14, 2014

Palo Alto Software, a creator of business planning and management dashboard software for small businesses, is partnering with Americas Small Business Development Centers to host a nationwide SBDC pitch competition, offering over $ 20,000 in cash and prizes to the winning SBDC.

Participants will use Palo Alto Softwares flagship business planning and small business management dashboard software, LivePlan, to develop a one-page business pitch. LivePlan allows users to formulate goals, budgets and forecasts, track performance metrics against those goals,using the LivePlan Scoreboard, a small business management dashboard.

Through this competition, we hope to show the value in not only creating a quality one-page business plan, but also tracking key performance metrics against that plan to make sure your business stays on track, said Palo Alto Software CEO Sabrina Parsons. The idea that all business plans are outdated simply isnt true. Today, business plans can be agile, and are essential for both existing businesses looking to grow and startups looking to impress investors.

Pitches will be evaluated based on their completeness, quality and clarity of pitch elements, perceived feasibility, identification of local small business challenges, and the intention to improve the small business landscape in their respective SBDC regions.

Parsons will serve as a judge on the panel along with Palo Alto Software President and Founder Tim Berry, and Americas SBDC President and CEO Charles Tee Rowe.

LivePlan can really help small business get to the next level,” said Rowe. This competition is all about helping them realize that goal. Anyone can have a great idea, but getting that idea across to a lender or investor is crucial. Win or lose, these entrepreneurs will be able to put together quality plans that will, without a doubt, help their businesses succeed in the long run.

Entries are due on August 22 at midnight. Winners will be announced at Americas SBDC Conference in Texas on September 10. The winning pitch will receive $ 20,000 in cash and prizes.

Palo Alto Software and Americas SBDCs have been partnering to help entrepreneurs nationwide for over 20 years. To learn more about the competiiton and enter your business plan, please visit

About Palo Alto Software, Inc.

Palo Alto Software, Inc., makers of the #1 selling business planning software in the world, develops and publishes tools, products, and content to help small and midsized businesses pitch, plan, manage, and grow their ventures. LivePlan, the companys flagship product, is a SaaS (software as a service) solution for business planning and financial management. Palo Alto Software has been the market leader in its category for over 15 years, has served well over 2 million entrepreneurs, and has customers in 180 countries. It was founded in 1988 by business planning expert Tim Berry. Sabrina Parsons has been the companys CEO since 2007. Parsons successfully expanded its service offering into the cloud with LivePlan. Palo Alto Software is a privately-owned corporation based in Eugene, Oregon.

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