3 Money-Saving Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

3 Money-Saving Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
When your business is just starting out, it can be difficult to know where to focus your resources, especially if you don't have a lot of them. One area that can suck up a lot of the budget — and often does for inexperienced business owners — is …
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The End of Free Facebook Marketing?
Recent changes to the way Facebook serves up its news feeds are making it more difficult for small businesses to get their updates in front of customers. That's causing some consternation among business owners who feel squeezed to pay for advertising …
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Beginners' Guide to Database Marketing (for Small Businesses)
Beginners' Guide to Database Marketing (for Small Businesses) image shutterstock 165303917 300×200 There has been a shift in the way we do marketing. It is no longer a simple choice between TV, radio or print. We now have to be computer literate …
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Connerton Ramps Up Internet Marketing

Connerton Ramps Up Internet Marketing
Concurrent with the launch of the new Connerton web site, Zelen has implemented extensive Internet marketing activities, including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing, Online Public Relations and Performance Tracking. “To help bring …
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'Frozen' merchandise flying off shelves, hard to find
A Disney spokesperson told the Orlando Sentinel this week that "Frozen" products have been "extremely popular" and Anna and Elsa dresses are among the most popular items. "Every mom in the world is dying for this dress," Aaryn Costello, a Los Angeles …
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Orlando Optometrists at Maitland Vision Center Launch New Website with
Maitland Vision Center, an Orlando optometry center specializing in low vision, has launched a new website with the help of Orlando web marketing company authenticWEB. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on LinkedIn Email a …
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What Is Internet Marketing SEO – Training Tips Strategy’s Course Leads PDF Blog Vancouver Toronto

What Is Internet Marketing SEO - Training Tips Strategy's Course Leads PDF Blog Vancouver Toronto

CLICK HERE➡ ➡ http://trck.me/186131/ What Is Internet Marketing SEO – Training Tips Strategy’s Course Leads PDF Blog Vancouver Toronto chat with me on facebo…

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Marketing Strategies for Profit, Growth and Brand Building

Marketing Strategies for Profit, Growth and Brand Building
Event on 2014-04-23 08:30:00


How to Grow Your Business, Make More Profits, Minimise Tax and Make it Easier to Run


A highly strategic, three hour seminar for business owners, managers, board members, new business people and entrepreneurs whose focus is on achieving exceptional commercial success. This in-depth course will cover the most important aspects in business that directly affect profitability and brand. Delegates will learn from a distinguished panel comprising some of South Australia's foremost experts in the areas of microeconomics, strategic marketing, organisational psychology, digital online and tax accountancy. While the topics are comprehensive, no prior knowledge is assumed, so anybody can comfortably attend as the discussion for each topic is begun at entry level. 

Some of the areas covered in this seminar include:

  • Markets and How They Work – understanding the market your industry operates in and the various bases for segmentation of your markets.
  • Competition – see inside your competitors' heads so you can guess their moves.
  • New Products and Services Development – learns what works and what doesn't.
  • Sales Management – the most efficient use of sales force to maximise sales and lower costs.
  • Costs versus Revenues: understanding the true nature of costs in your business and how to control them.
  • Advertising: The correct way to advertise without wasting money and to actually get ROI.
  • Brand Building – what it really means and how not to let advertising reps con you.
  • Services – what makes them different to products from a marketing perspective.
  • The Marketing Mix – the seven Ps and why each is gold to a business.
  • Customer Satisfaction – the holy grail of repeat business – what your competitors don't know about customer service and how you can definitely hurt them.
  • Best Digital Strategies: Yellow Pages, Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, Google, Bing, iTunes, Apple Apps, Android and Microsoft Windows 8. 
  • Television Adveritising – how it can make you big; and how it could kill you. 
  • Radio Advertising – the way to use it properly to make sales explode.
  • Newspapers, Magazines and Print – the right methods to use this magic media.
  • Pubic Relations – learn the low cost tools that pull big results for your business, including landing free publicity from the media.
  • Event Management – how to use functions to achieve large outcomes, quickly.
  • Taxation Minimisation – hear from a top accountant the best ways to keep more of the money that you make. 
  • Risk Minimisation – an industry experts discusses world class insurance products, protection of profits, OHS and Welfare, regulation and compliance. 
  • Lean Operations: the incredible Japanese productivity methodology applied to Australian businesses for the pursuit of profits.
  • Printing – the very best and most succesfull things you should be doing. Hear from Mr Paul Abbott, an industry leader and one of the most progressive people in Australia in the area of digital and offsett printing. You will be amazed by what you can now do with the latest print solutions!
  • Streamlining Processes and Quality – how to increase production, reduce errors, reduce costs, real-time reporting, eliminate paperwork and reduce wages. 
  • IT That Works – how to use computers, iPads, iPhones, the internet, networks, IP protocols, eCommerce, websites, online sales and software in a coordinated manner to make you more money, 24 hours a day, even while you sleep. 
  • HR for Profit – dramatically increase the value of your people and the organisational culture of your business. Learn how to attract and retain the best people. Learn what makes people want to do more for you. We discuss true leadership and how to inspire a creative culture that generates game-changing new ideas and products. We also talk about performance enhancing incentives that actually work. 

Attendees will enjoy an intensive, half-day seminar that will arm them with a battery of superb tools to use immediately in their own business. A full overview of the most important things required to properly align a business on a course for exceptional success, awaits you. Bring your note pads, bring your full attention and be ready to launch an energetic new phase to your business. 
The seminar will begin at 8:30am sharp. Please enter the University of South Australia (City West Campus – opposite the new Royal Adelaide Hospital) on North Terrace directly through the Hawke Centre building's North Terrace frontage (corner of North Tce and Fenn Place). Take the lifts to the sixth floor and follow the passage to the right to the Access Grid Theatrette H6-12. Breaks will be provided for coffee, amenties and relaxation. 
A detailed map of the UniSA City West Campus showing the Hawke building can be found at: 
For further information about this event, please contact Steven Cavallo on 0414 280 371. 

at University of South Australia (City West Campus)
Theatre H6-12 in the Hawke Centre (6th floor)
Adelaide, Australia

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CFO Consulting Services Discusses How Many States Are Cracking Down On Small Businesses that Skip Out on Paying Taxes

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) March 24, 2014

CFO Consulting Services, a company providing CFO services on a part time basis, details why states are tightening their reigns when collecting taxes from small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs.

According to a March 11th article published by Businessweek titled How States Are Cracking Down on Small Business Tax Cheats, small businesses and entrepreneurs cost state governments billions of dollars each year in unpaid taxes. States and local governments also have major tax gaps. The article says the amount of taxes owed often exceeds the amount of money actually collected, resulting in a loss of revenue. California loses about $ 10 billion each year from unpaid taxes.

However, 30 states, including California, are beginning to invest in technology to improve collection processes. Lawrence Teicher, founder of CFO Consulting Services, a leading CFO services provider, discusses the four ways states are cracking down on small businesses that dont pay their taxes:


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Growing Your Business at Home and Locally

Growing Your Business at Home and Locally
Robert W. Bly offers advice and proven plans for starting a home business and achieving the income you've always wanted. Excerpted from “Launching Your New Business,” this selection takes you through the initial stages of growing your business, when …
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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Email Subscribers
… to offer your subscribers. So, make it a priority. If you do that and encourage subscriptions, you will thank yourself some day for having the foresight to build a community that anchors your business presence in the sometimes choppy social media …
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When Do You Need to Look for Investment in a Growing Business?
People tend to overlook the effect of business productivity in your business growth. New business owners tend to think that in order to grow your business, investment is needed and a lot of it. Increasing your business productivity requires Focused …
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Fannit Releases a Blog Post helping Businesses Realize and Refine Their Brand Message

(PRWEB) April 15, 2014

Youre already doing brand messaging, a recent article by Fannit tells businesses, By being a company, having customers and employees, you have already developed a brand message, and whether you know it or not, youre shouting that brand message through every aspect of your business.

The tricky part, the article explains, is bringing all that messaging together to reflect a cohesive, catchy and unified voice. Every aspect of a business, from email signatures, to billboards, to online advertising, and onsite articles shout a companys brand message to the public. To create a brand message, all departments of the company need to pull together to create a singular message, Fannits article says.

The article moves businesses through each stage of designing a brand message. First, they point out, you need to consider your target, and develop an effective buyer persona. This is the person around which you will design your brand message marketing campaign.

The article then moves businesses through the examination of competitors brand messaging, self-examination to determine what makes their products unique, how to stay current and catchy, all without losing sight of the end goal.

Its easy for businesses to become focused on the features of their product or service, explaining the various practical services that they offer instead of communicating the benefits for the customer, the article explains.

Customers want to know what this product can do for them, not all the amazing features of a company they have no experience with. This type of brand messaging, focusing on the company instead of the customer, tends to leave the target audience bored or fail to engage with the brand messagea death sentence for what could be a very high-quality company.

About Fannit

Fannit.com is a full service internet marketing agency that helps companies increase their online presence through engaging and well placed content. They service Seattle area and U.S. based companies for content development, SEO, PPC, E-mail, Press Release, and Website Funnel Optimization.


2911 Hewitt Ave

Everett WA 98201


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OneTrust Senior Lending Announces the Opening of their Client Relationship Center (CRC) in Chandler, Arizona

San Diego, California (PRWEB) December 03, 2013

OneTrust Senior Lending, a mortgage banker out of San Diego, California, announced today the opening of their Client Relationship Center (CRC) in Chandler, Arizona. The CRC is an inbound call center operated by OneTrust Senior Lending to provide incoming call product support and information inquiries from potential borrowers. The CRC is a central point of the organization from which all customer contacts are managed. Calls are answered by a live person and are routed to appropriate people as part of the companys CRM system. Clients have the ability to contact OneTrust by telephone, email, web site, and fax.

With our national platform, it only makes sense that we embrace the direct-to-consumer model through the opening of our Client Relationship Center. This is the future of mortgage lending. With this strategic move, we provide the customer more mortgage options, faster processing times and more advanced technology to get their loan closed timely unlike the larger banks, said Josh Erskine, CEO of OneTrust Senior Lending. In addition, our sales team can close more business with our marketing automation technology. It makes it simple to deploy a flexible and easy-to-update application to fulfill sales changing needs.

The customer experience landscape in the mortgage businesses is changing rapidly. Customers across demographic groups display a preference for enhanced self-service tools linked with online support. OneTrust Senior Lending understands the framework needed to validate the customer experience in a world of mobile applications by building a unique process within the CRC to support multiple types of inbound communications concurrently.

Doug Helvig, Director of Call Center Operations stated, Our loan specialists are courteous, knowledgeable, have a sincere concern for the customer and provide timely resolution to requests. The CRC technology is extraordinary and provides our sales team the ability to respond more effectively, efficiently, and intelligently due to capabilities such as:

Routing calls directly to our loan specialists, with no VRU, ensuring the inbound caller gets connected to a live person.

Increased close rates with integrated CRM features that drive consultative dialogue.

Passive web site visitors turn into active phone conversations.

Performing quicker on corporate-directed leads through an expedited assignment process.

Turns a centralized environment with greater controls to remain above the competition through increased client satisfaction.

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Strategic Training, Marketing, Q&A, and Interviews for Established & Aspiring Entrepreneurs – Life on Fire TV (Audio) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth

Strategic Training, Marketing, Q&A, and Interviews for Established & Aspiring Entrepreneurs – Life on Fire TV (Audio) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth

from Life on Fire TV (Audio) – Online Business Coaching With Nick Unsworth

Price: USD 0
View Details about Strategic Training, Marketing, Q&A, and Interviews for Established & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Waking up in the morning light

Waking up in the morning light

Image by .Mik3

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